Brand list

Why do we carry so many brands? To make sure you get the exact fit and style you’re looking for in your size. Each brand has its own styles, and sometimes the size of your bra will vary depending on your brand! Some brands cater to small breasts, some to large, some favor fancy lingerie, and some stick to the basics. Whatever your desire, we have something that will fit you.

Ajour A-I
Alegro C-H
Anita AA-H
Bettie Page A-C
Cake Maternity E-H
Chantelle A-H
Claudette A-G
Cleo D-J
Coobie S.M,L
Conturelle A-H
Cosabella P-L
Curvy Kate D-K
Dominique A-F
Elita 32-40
Elomi C-K
Empreinte C-G
Exquisite Form A-H
Fantasie B-K
FitFully Yours A-H
Freya B-J
Goddess B-N
Gossard A-G
Hanky Panky XS-3XL
Hanro (underwear)
Huit A-DD
La Leche B-DDD, S-XXL
The Little Bra Company A-C
Miss Mandalay C-HH
Panache AA-KK
Parfait D-G
Rago B-DD
Royce AAA-L
Ruby Pink D-GG
Scantilly DD-HH
Sculptresse D-J
Shock Absorber A-G
Simone Perele A-G
Stormy Leather S, M, L
Timpa A-C
Va Bien A-DD
Wacoal AA-DDD
Wolford (hosiery)

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